Delta Loads not possible after FULL loads when we are loding data into ODS.

In order to run Delta's we have to load data in "Repaire Full mode" or we can convert Full loads into Repaire Full loads using standard ABAP program.

You can set repaire full flat from Infopackage menu -->> Scheduler --> Repair Full request --> check the check box as shown in below.
If already Full Loads are available then we need to start Delta loads, then we need to convert Full Loads to Repair full loads to start Delta loads.

Use Program : RSSM_SET_REPAIR_FULL_FLAG to convert Full loads to Repair Full.


1. Go to T Code: SE38 or SA38 and provide program name(RSSM_SET_REPAIR_FULL_FLAG) and execute.

2. we can see below screen, provide required ODS, datasource and source system names and execute.

3. we can see all available Full requests in ODS.

4. Choose required requests and click on "Change all Requests to Repair Full".