LO Extraction - Update queue - Update methods

  1. Direct Delta
  2. Queed Delta
  3. Un Serialized Delta Update

  1. Direct delta: When a Document is posted it first saved to the application table and also directly saved to the RSA7 (delta queue) from here it is being moved to BW.So you can understand that for Delta flow in R/3 Delta queue is the exit point.
  2. Queued Delta: When a document is posted it is saved to application table, and also saved to the Extraction Queue ( here is the different to direct delta) and you have to schedule a V3 job to move the data to the delta queue periodically and from their it is moved to BW.
  3. Unserialized V3 Update: This method is largely identical to the serialized V3 update. The difference lies in the fact that the sequence of document data in the BW delta queue does not have to agree with the posting sequence. It is recommended only when the sequence that data is transferred into BW does not matter (due to the design of the data targets in BW). You can use it for Inventory Management, because once a Material Document is created, it is not edited. The sequence of records matters when a document can be edited multiple times. But again, if you are using an ODS in your inventory design, you should switch to the serialized V3 update.