BI Data Modeling:
Business Content in SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence ships with hundreds of InfoCubes and other data structures. To satisfy the demands of very demanding business communities, many of these structures are quite complex. The guidelines documents in this section describe the practices and recommendations used by SAP's internal Business Content developers to build these structures. As you build your own, you'll benefit from following their lead.

  1. Multi-Dimensional Modeling with SAP NetWeaver BI
  2. Modeling the Data Warehouse Layer with BI
  3. BI Data Modeling: MultiProviders and InfoSets
  4. Modeling Data Transformations in SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence
  5. How to Routines within Transformations
Frontend Design:
  1. Frontend Design Guidelines - SAP BI in SAP NetWeaver 2004s (PDF 673KB)
  2. Frontend Design Guidelines - SAP BI in SAP NetWeaver 2004 (PDF 139KB)
  3. How to Create and Maintain User Interface Patterns for BI Content (PDF 6MB)
  4. Business Content - User Interface Patterns Guidelines (PDF 79KB)
  5. Download Package - the BI Template Wizard
  6. How to Calculate Balance Sheet Key Figures Using the Cell Editor in the BEx Query Designer (PDF 467KB)
  7. How to Add BI Reports to a Portal Page (PDF 2MB)
  8. How to Do Exception Broadcasting (PDF 490KB)
Source : BI Data Modeling and Frontend Design