Custome Infoobjects
/BIC/M --
View of Master data Tables
/BIC/P -- Master data Table, Time Independent attributes
/BIC/Q -- Master data Table, Time Dependent attributes
/BIC/X -- SID Table, Time Independent
/BIC/Y -- SID Tabel, Time Dependent
/BIC/T -- Text Table
/BIC/H -- Heirarchy Table
/BIC/K -- Heirarchy SID Table

Standard Infoobjects Tabels(Buss. Content):
Replace "C" with "0" in above tables.
/BI0/M -- View of Master data Tables

Standard InfoCUBE Tables :
/BI0/F --
Fact Table(Before Compression)
/BI0/E -- Fact Table(After Compression)
/BI0/P -- Dimension Table - Data Package
/BI0/T -- Dimension Table - Time
/BI0/U -- Dimension Table - Unit
/BI0/1, 2, 3, .......A,B,C,D : -- Dimension Tables

BW Tables:
BTCEVTJOB -- To check List of jobs waiting for events
ROOSOURCE -- Control parameters for Datasource
ROOSFIELD -- Control parameters for Datasource
ROOSPRMSC -- Control parameters for Datasource
ROOSPRMSF -- Control parameters for Datasource
-- More info @
RSOLTPSOURCE -- Replicate Table for OLTP source in BW
RSDMDELTA -- Datamart Delta Management
Last valid Initialization to an OLTP Source
RSUPDINFO -- Infocube to Infosource correlation
RSUPDDAT -- Update rules key figures
RSUPDENQ -- Removal of locks in the update rules
RSUPDFORM -- BW: Update Rules - Formulas - Checking Table
RSUPDINFO -- Update info (status and program)
RSUPDKEY -- Update rule: Key per key figure
RSUPDROUT -- Update rules - ABAP routine - check table
RSUPDSIMULD -- Table for saving simulation data update
RSUPDSIMULH -- Table for saving simulation data header information
RSDCUBEIOBJ -- Infoobjects per Infocube
RSIS -- Infosouce Info
RSUPDINFO -- Update Rules Info
RSTS -- Transfer Rules Info
RSKSFIELD -- Communication Structure fields
RSALLOWEDCHAR -- Special Characters Table(T Code : RSKC, To maintain)
RSDLPSEL -- Selection Table for fields scheduler(Infpak's)
RSDLPIO -- Log data packet no
RSMONICTAB -- Monitor, Data Targets(Infocube/ODS) Table, request related info
RSTSODS -- Operational data store for Transfer structure
RSZELTDIR -- Query Elements
RSZGLOBV -- BEx Variables
RXSELTXREF, RSCOMPDIR -- Reports/query relavent tables
RSCUSTV -- Query settings
RSDIOBJ -- Infoobjects

RSLDPSEL -- Selection table for fields scheduler(Info pak list)
RSMONIPTAB -- InfoPackage for the monitor
RSRWORKBOOK -- Workbooks & related query genunid's
RSRREPDIR -- Contains Genuin id, Rep Name, author, etc...
RSRINDEXT -- Workbook ID & Name
RSREQDONE -- Monitor: Saving of the QM entries
RSSELDONE -- Monitor : Selection for exected requests
RSLDTDONE -- Texts on the requeasted infopacks & groups
RSUICDONE -- BIW: Selection table for user-selection update Infocubes's
RSSDBATCH -- Table for Batch run scheduler
RSLDPDEL -- Selection table for deleting with full update scheduler
RSADMINSV -- RS Administration

RSSDLINIT -- Last Valid Initializations to an OLTP Source
BTCEVTJOB --To check event status(scheduled or not)
VARI -- ABAP Variant related Table
VARIDESC -- Selection Variants: Description

SMQ1 -- QRFC Monitor(Out Bound)
SM13 -- Update Records status

T Code : LBWQ --> QRFC related Tables

More info @
Note 728687 - Delta queued: No data in RSA7