Transporting from BWP TO BWQ : Reverse Transports
1.Create request in Source System (Eg: BWP) say A.
· Collect required objects into request A.
2.Goto TCode : SE09/SE10 --> create a transport of Copies request B
· Goto Tcode : SE09/SE10. You can see following screen.
Check, check box for Transport of Copies and click Create. Following screen comes. · Choose Transports of Copies and continue. Now you can see following screen.
Enter required Target system(F4 help available) Eg: BWQ.
3.Unlock Objects(Tcode : SE03) from Request A and Move Objects to Request B(Tcode SE10).
4.Delete objects from Request A.
5.Relase the request B
6.Go to Target System(Eg: BWQ) import Queue and import request.
7.In BWQ queue go to menu Request -->Forward--> give BWD or
you can directly provide BWD as Target System in Step 2.
8.Go to BWD and import the request.